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After endless discussions in November and December of where to go, we finally decided to go to Malaga, Spain. Lone started studying Spanish on a night course and I had worked in Spain on and off for the last 2½ years.

We prepared to leave on the 30'Th of April by van to Malaga. On the Internet we found an apartment in Torre del Mar, which is close to Malaga. The scheduled date came up faster then expected and we left our families and everything behind. After driving for three days we reached our destination safely.

Now we had to get settled down and sorted everything out. We started looking for work, another apartment in Malaga, buying a car, signing up for unemployment benefits on the local job office, open bank accounts etc. etc. A lot of time was spent on all this. But now, almost everything is taken care of and our lives have started again.

A whole new episode of our lives is ahead of us and we are both looking forward to it.

Contact Information:

Kasper Pedersen
Conde de Ureña 68, 2C
29012 Malaga

Mobile - +34 653 592 561
Fixed - +34 952 256 019
VoIP - +45 4690 4188


- kasperison



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